Bathroom Design Trends 2018

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Metal Framed Showers

Architectural design is becoming more and more popular in everyday homes. The industrial trend is popping up in all the new restaurants, products, and home catalogues. Not for the faint hearted, metal framed shower screens offer a linear, architectural look for the bathroom. Paired with luxurious marble they give a very high-end finish, but they are equally at home with simple white metro tiles creating a more industrial feel.


Black and white will always be classy. It will continue to be in fashion long after the peachy pinks and teals have been painted over. It’s traditional for bathrooms and yet, continues to work with strictly contemporary schemes too. All the hues of black to grey and white are ever increasingly popular. Textured stone effect tiles are the most popular tile choice for us in Hertfordshire, with people aiming for understated, simplistic, spa like design for their bathrooms in 2018.


Once upon a time marble was prohibitively expensive for most of us, but it’s now possible to create the same effect with large format marble effect tiles. At its best luxury marble design can be a combination of black and white coloured marble tiles, of course getting the lighting correct is imperative as the example below shows.

Digital and Smart Showers

We are experts in the latest cutting edge digitally controlled showers. We source only the best digital showering options from our suppliers Crosswater Digital and Aqualisa. Digital showers ensure your shower stays at an uninterrupted temperature as well as incorporating many other great features like eco friendly settings and remembering different family members water preferences. They are also incredibly easy to install. A fusion of elegance and functionality. After all us modern day consumers are used to getting what we want at the touch of a button so why not in the bathroom too!

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles have been used in bathrooms for many years but are recently making a real come back. Many patterned tiles are inspired by the extraordinary designs of the European and African Mediterranean – especially Spain,  Greece,Morocco, Algeria – and these designs are begging to be joined together to make wonderfully striking focal points of beauty. Some of the latest tile patterns echo Victorian grandeur, you’ve probably walked on similar floors in museums and galleries around the UK. Its not minimalist but it’s definitely on trend!

Alternative Finish Brassware

Chrome has always been the go to finish for our brassware in the bathroom, kitchen, and well everywhere really. This year however make way for some new colours in the bathroom. Rose Gold, Copper, Black, all coming in sleek designs and minimal detailing ensuring this look is bang-up-to-date. With the growing popularity of matt black, and rose gold suppliers are designing more and more matching colour ranges for our customers to choose from. Just look at this set up below!

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