Must Have Bathroom Technology

By July 24, 2018 No Comments

At Master Bathrooms we take our product knowledge seriously. We know that the bathroom products our customers choose are integral in creating the bathroom space of their dreams whilst also offering practicality for everyday life. We have chosen a handful of products below that we feel break the mould in either design or technology offering an unmissable end user experience.

Crosswater Digital Showering

When our customers hear us talk about digital, they often hear complicated, malfunctions, unnecessary and other words associated with technology in the bathroom. It seems that although most of our everyday products give us what we want at the touch of a button we are hesitant to make this transition with our bathroom products. Crosswater Digital couldn’t have made showering any simpler. Turn on the water by gently pressing the control dial and watch the controls flash white as the shower heats up. When they stop flashing and begin to glow, the water’s just how you like it – so step in and enjoy.

If you have more than one outlet (for example a shower head and a bath filler) you can switch easily between outlets with a simple touch. The digital processor will closely monitor water temperature even if water is being used elsewhere in the home ensuring a safe shower at all times.

There is even the option of a remote control. Used to switch the shower on and divert between showerheads, the remote can be installed anywhere within 10m of the shower for your ultimate convenience. Your shower will be ready before you even set foot in the room!

The sleek design of these units is second to none, available in a great range of styles from contemporary and even traditional whilst still offering top of the range technology, a perfect fusion of old and new.

Heated Floors

Not all bathroom tech is readily noticeable but with over 90% of our Hertfordshire installations now including under floor heating it is definitely proving more popular than ever. At Master Bathrooms we use Schluter who are unbeaten in their substrate covering system which not only makes laying under floor heating a breeze but also means we can guarantee our tiling over a lifetime. The DitraMat that is laid down before the tiling allows for expansion and levels out any movement that is made in the floor over time, meaning your tiles and grout will not crack and your floor will stay warm underfoot. Nothing says luxury like the soft warmth of a heated floor after a relaxing bath or shower, and it certainly makes a huge difference to stepping over cold tiles first thing on a winter morning. We cant recommend this technological addition for your bathroom enough!

Bluetooth Mirrors

Everything in our lives seems to be Bluetooth ready so why not your bathroom too! The latest trend in bathroom mirrors sees models being created with everything from Bluetooth and demist to on/off sensors and LED or colour changing lighting. Our suppliers HIB and NoCode have an extensive range of Bluetooth ready mirrors. You can quickly connect your mobile phone to your mirror and hear your favourite songs at the click of a button whilst you enjoy a luxurious soak in the bath. This innovative technology not only allows you to wirelessly connect your devices safely and securely to your bathroom mirror but it is also available in a range of stylish designs, which also incorporate demister pads and durable energy efficient LED lighting, this simple accessory will transform your bathroom.

NewFlush™ Technology

Yes you heard us right! There’s a NewFlush technology which eradicates the need for the rim inside your toilet. Catalano have created a vortex-flushing system able to use all of the available water to its full potential to guarantee maximum flushing performance; furthermore, the removal of the rim allows an easy and more effective cleaning. Not only this but their NewFlush toilets all come with an easy clip off seat meaning you wont miss a spot when cleaning this innovative product. This may just be the most hygienic toilet yet.

All of these products and so much more can be supplied and fitted by Master Bathrooms so please give us a call today or contact us via the website for your free no obligation quotation.