At Master Bathrooms we understand that just as taste varies, so too does budget. Which is why we pride ourselves on offering our customers a diverse range of top-quality products. So, whether you want to splash out on a lavish Freestanding Stone Bath or you’d prefer a more affordable alternative; we’ve got absolutely everything you need.

Acrylic Baths

Acrylic bathtubs have gained significant popularity in recent years due their attractive blend of durability and affordability. Acrylic is a versatile material which can not only be moulded into all manner of shapes, but it also compliments any bathroom décor wonderfully. These baths are lightweight, easy to clean & maintain, and they offer excellent insulation too.

Carronite Baths

Carronite is a progressive reinforcement which is applied to Carron acrylic baths. This material can withstand a significant amount more stress than your typical acrylic bath, with the structural rigidity associated with cast iron. In addition to that, Carronite is incredibly easy to maintain and boasts enhanced insulation, keeping the water warmer for longer.

Shaped Baths

Not only do curved or ‘P-shaped’ baths have a gorgeous, contemporary aesthetic appeal, but they also offer the practicality of combining a luxury bath and shower into one convenient unit. So, if you’re working with a smaller bathroom space and cannot afford to have a separate bath and standalone shower unit, these provide a viable alternative. In addition to that, curved baths are more spacious, making bath-time more comfortable for those who value the extra room.

Corner Baths

Corner baths offer the perfect solution for saving space in smaller bathrooms. They’re easy on the eye and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not only that, but a corner bath is typically more spacious, accommodating two people at a time – Perfect for enjoying a long soak and a glass of wine with your partner, or better yet, have even more room to yourself!

Steel Baths

For a resilience, toughness and durability, you needn’t look any further than one of our beautiful steel baths from Bette or Kaldewei. They’re excellent heat retainers, offer significant scratch resistance and are incredibly easy to clean & maintain due to their extra smooth surface. If you’re looking for a trendy investment which will stand the test of time, these are almost certainly for you.

Freestanding Stone Baths

Throughout history, stone baths were the height of luxury – A luxury that we can offer you via Clearwater baths.  Our contemporary freestanding stone baths can be made using an impressive blend of natural stone and minerals which come together in a lightweight and affordable fashion. In addition to that, these glorious baths are durable, with a smooth and velvety finish which will certainly render you feeling empowered. Free standing baths now come in many sizes meaning the smaller bathrooms don’t have to miss out on that luxury feeling only a stone bath can give. So give your bathroom the luxurious appeal that you know you deserve.

Spoiled for choice? If you’re feeling overwhelmed or you need some advice on finding the perfect fit for your bathroom, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our friendly team of experts will be more than happy to assist and advise you. Or alternatively, we offer a full design & installation service which may be of interest to you.