2018 saw a huge rise in smart heating solutions which now saves the average customer £130 a year on thier heating bills. Our certified gas engineers can offer advice on which smart heating system is compatible with your heating installation and help you get up and running.


Smart thermostats connect your heating system to the internet which allows you to change the temperature or switch your heating off on your smartphone when you’re out and about.

Many of these programmable digital heating systems show you how much heating you’re using. Some smart thermostats also monitor your usage and learn your routine. There are several brands of smart heating thermostats on the market, and each works in a slightly different way. Our gas safe engineers can advice you on which thermostat system to choose. Market leaders Nest, Hive and Honeywell all have different features some of these features really are taking our heating technology to the next level.

With smart heating thermostats you will usually buy your system and arrange an installation yourself and that’s where we can help. Firsty making sure you choose the perfect system for your home and secondly making sure its all set up perfectly so that you can start saving money instantly.

Some smart thermostats can control themselves by learning your routine or tracking you via GPS, and switching on your heating when you’re near home. Others are able to provide you with detailed breakdowns of how much energy you use. Some smart thermostats can even control your hot water, provided you don’t have a combi boiler.

The hope is that by giving you greater control you will save you money, as you won’t end up heating an empty home or heating water unnecessarily.

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