Our quality range of shower valves include thermostatic concealed and exposed valves, digital and electric options to suit all styles. Master Bathrooms has access to one of the biggest ranges of luxury shower products in Hertfordshire. We take pride in collaborating with an Aqualisa premier showroom which means we can bring you exclusive access to the latest digital technology from their ranges Q, iLux and Rise Digital as well as the full range of Crosswater Digital showering options.

At Master Bathrooms we have an enclosure or wet room solution for every situation and style. From 10mm glass frameless enclosures, simple walk in panels and quadrant enclosures, to level access tillable and slate or steel shower trays.

Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are designed to contain water within the shower area. Our shower enclosures come is a wide range of shapes and sizes from pentagonal enclosures, traditional, modern and now we can even offer choices in the colour of your shower framework as well as frameless and bespoke options. The possibilities are endless, even if you cannot achieve a wet room look that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms/areas are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, more and more people are serious about their bathroom design and want to invest in creating a spacious shower room. Without a shower enclosure taking up space in your bathroom, a wet room/area promotes a truly open plan and minimalist design. By design, a wet room is easily accessible, which can be a real plus for those with restricted mobility, a wet room can make showering a much simpler option. Our team of expert installers are well experienced in installing wet rooms, and don’t forget we guarantee our workmanship for 3 years as well as offering a competitive after sales service. If you require any advice on our wetroom installations please contact us today.

Digital Showering

Digital showering began with our main digital supplier Aqualisa who designed and launched he first digital shower in 2001. Since then digital showering has gone from strength to strength and is now our best-selling showering option in Hertfordshire. Aqualisa has since been joined in the digital world by Crosswater who offer stunning designs and and extended range of digital options including traditional looks with modern technology! We can bring you digital showers such as iLux Digital and Rise, Q Digital which all feature digital diverters, and allow you to switch instantly between different shower heads or a shower head and bath filler, plus all of Aqualisa’s Digital Showers have an eco-setting option on their processors. Our digital showers also come in pumped and non-pumped version meaning they are suitable for a variety of water systems

Please contact us today and one of our friendly knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you or visit any of the above mentioned supplier websites for more information.